Simple Bento Box Recipes: A Bento Cookbook of Easy-to-Make | 579.42 KiB

Simple Bento Box Recipes: A Bento Cookbook of Easy-to-Make
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Bentos are common sights in Japanese households, trains, offices and schools. These packed lunches in pretty, compartmentalized and reusable containers have taken the Western world as well as the Simple Bento Box Recipes: A Bento Cookbook of Easy-to-Make but Delicious Bento Recipes for all Ages gives you the nudge towards the right direction by starting off with simple yet filling bento dishes.

Most Japanese bentos focus on decorative and aesthetical presentation of their pack lunches, but this Bento cookbook has been simplified for bento newbies. These simple bento box recipes will teach you:

* What to pack for a balanced and nourishing lunch. Bento recipes typically have appropriate amounts of carbs, proteins, healthy fats and servings of fruits and vegetables.

* How to come up with quick and easy bento box recipes that you can prepare on busy mornings before heading to school or work.

* Stop brown-bagging your lunch and actually start looking forward in opening your bento box come lunch break. It’s a good change for those old, dull and boring brown bags you store your lunches with.

Bento box recipes are colorful and come with a lot of flavors textures, but they’re also highly economical, appealing to all kinds of palate and flexible when it comes to portion control. Most of all, it’s a good and proven practice to get you and your loved ones actually eat lunch and love it.