Time Management with GTD® and iPad® | 4.57 MiB

Time Management with GTD® and iPad®
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The aim of this ebook is to provide direct feedback and guidance to transform the iPad into a tool that supports the daily work of managers or anyone who wants to use it as a business tool.
This ebook is the result of daily use of the iPad as a professional instrument, since it was launched on the market, and its aim is to focus on the use of an iPad as a support tool for the best possible time management practices: David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®).
The methodologies presented and applications recommended in this book make the iPad usable professionally. The selection of appropriate iPad/MacOS/Windows/Web applications allows you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of using the tablet as a time management productivity tool.

The book is full of external links for you to go into more detail and have direct access to the resources mentioned here in.

The following are the chapters in this book:

• The author
• Preface
• Time Management
• David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology
• Collection
• Using an iPad during the collection phase
• Business cards
• Notes
• iPad stylus
• Physical Keyboards
• Voice Memo
• Multi-platform collector and archive: Evernote
• Analysis
• Implementation of the GTD® framework on MS Windows & iPad
• Implementation in relation to Microsoft Outlook and Server MS Exchange
• Implementation of the GTD® framework on Mac OS & iPad
• Creating tasks for OmniFocus from Windows using MS Outlook
• Remember The Milk (RTM)
• Tooledo
• Project Management using an iPad
• Execution
• The checklist tool
• Checking the system
• GTD® flow using an iPad
• Our main page iPad applications for GTD