Women that are into or near their menopause have to deal with several symptoms including mood swings, vaginal dryness and hot flashes. For some the phase passes off quite easily but for others it can be a nightmare. Such women are ideal candidates for the hormone replacement therapy.

As the hormones of the body undergo a change, the body needs its quota of hormones to stay normal. The hormone therapy is the treatment given to suppress the menopausal symptoms. However, studies have shown that continuous use  of the traditional hormone therapy has its risks.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

These are hormones that are produced in the laboratory but are chemically the same as those produced by the body.

The development of these hormones took place after the harmful effects of traditional hormone therapy were known. These hormones are made from several plant and animal products and are such produced that the body is unable to differentiate whether they are natural or lab produced.

Some bioidentical hormones are:

  • Estradiol acetate
  • Estradiol hemihydrates
  • 17 beta-estradiols
  • Micronized progesterone USP

Benefits of the Bioidentical Hormones

The bioidentical hormone therapy is used to treat the menopausal symptoms. Along with this, there are other benefits like:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Less hair thinning
  • Increased sex drive
  • Less dry skin
  • Reduced hot flashes
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced bloating
  • Better memory and thinking

Perfect Candidates for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Those that are in the peri-menopause stage like to consider other treatment methods before trying out bioidentical hormone therapy.

Those that are not comfortable or responding well to the traditional hormone therapy are perfect candidates for bioidentical hormones.

How to use the Bioidentical Hormones?

Depending on the symptoms that are being targeted, bioidentical hormone therapy can be taken in different forms. These include:

  • Injections
  • Creams
  • Tablets
  • Gels
  • Lotions

The women that need the hormones are first tested for their levels of hormones. Depending upon their requirement, the hormones are given in combination to get the best results.

It is essential to get the hormone levels checked regularly to ensure that they are balanced.


It is upon the patient’s condition and body type that will decide whether she is the right candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy or not. The general practitioner or gynecologist should be able to judge the right hormone therapy to not just reduce the menopausal symptoms but also keep the patient free of any risks.